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About OurGen

A locally owned and operated business, OurGen RVs draft, design, and build innovative recreational vehicles right in the heart of Melbourne.

Made for those ready to adventure in style, we’re a group of friends and family members who take the time to get to know your families’ needs so you can travel with peace of mind.

With over 40 years’ combined experience building, servicing, and tailoring RVs, our expertise comes from working with some of the biggest names in the business and taking our own families on off-grid escapes.

Now up-and-running as the OurGen Collective, our trades team can build, maintain, and service the structure, electrical, and plumbing needs of off-grid vehicles. Because we deeply understand the unique needs of the tiny home market, OurGen is now a staple one-stop-shop for all utility and build needs.

Igniting the next wave of accessible travel for adventure seekers of every shape and size, each OurGen model is kid-safe, family friendly, and customisable. Whether you have an existing caravan that needs custom work or want to build your own OurGen model from scratch, we work with you so you can relax when it counts.

Cost-effective, considerate, and packed with functional design–welcome to OurGen. 

When you’re here, you’re family.
Director, OurGen RVs

Zane Williams

OurGen Founder

Zane has worked for over 30 RV industry recognised names, Zane is dedicated to designing and manufacturing inclusive solutions for families of every shape and size. His perfection is the electrical know how of all things RV and camping. 

A tradie, a husband, a mate, and father of three, Zane has first-hand experience travelling with a family with additional needs. An expert in the functional features and accessibility considerations needed to make a potentially challenging trip a successful one, Zane pairs innovation with experience and industry connections to dream up modern solutions for adventure seekers Australia-wide.

Our Brands

Built by OurGen

Local suppliers, locally made. Built by OurGen means excellent quality and craftsmanship, every time.

OurGen Electrical

Experienced in the unique needs of taking your home on the road, OurGen Electrical services residential and commercial clients who need RV industry expertise.

OurGen Plumbing

Focused on efficient, effective solutions for living and travelling out on the road.

Our Cause

The OurGen mission is simple: we’re redefining the idea of a home away from home and we’re doing this by considering the real wants, needs, and necessities of modern families.

Why? Because every family, child, and person deserves the opportunity to experience inclusive, memorable moments. Equally dedicated to this mission is Amaze – an Australian not-for-profit dedicated to shaping the future of autism. 

A social enterprise providing support for people, families, and communities living with autism, this much-needed cause has supported the OurGen family in more ways than we can count – so we’re supporting them too.

For every GenPod purchase, 10% of sale profits support Amaze. Creating change nationwide for people and families who want the opportunity to participate and make a difference, we think this is one organisation that’s worth fighting for.

Dedicated, inclusive, and working to ignite real change – thank you for supporting our cause.

The OurGen Team

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