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We are a custom build caravan manufacturer with over 100 different layouts.
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Each OurGen RV model is designed with functionality and accessibility in mind.


The perfect LIGHTWEIGHT affordable Camper  

Our Gen-pod come’s with all the luxuries of a 20ft caravan in a back-to-basics style simple and easy camping solution

Our lightweight campers give caravan enthusiasts of all walks of life the ability to enjoy Australia’s beautiful landscapes in comfort and luxury at an affordable price.

Our campers are designed for quick spontaneous travel without the need for weeks of prepping.

Solar and battery powered all you have to do is make sure the fridge is full.

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GenPod Key Features

  • Full Queen Bed
  • Portable Fridge
  • Fold-away Kitchen Bench
  • Easy-access Electrical Board
  • Water Tank and External Pump
  • Storage Cabinet
  • 7ft Awning
  • Gas Bottle Holder, Optional Slide-out BBQ
  • Fly Screen, Security Door
  • Furrion Weatherproof Stereo/Audio System
  • Furrion 19” TV with DVD player 
  • SIM Card Wifi Access
  • Extra Wheel (for off-road mishaps!)

GenPod Capacities & Capabilities

  • 100ah lithium battery
  • 800-900kg Tare
  • 1250kg Tyre-load Rating
  • 140-160kg ball load
  • 1600kg Load Capacity
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Want to level up? For families looking for a little extra luxury, we’ve designed the Gen-erosity RV to make the shift between home living and living on the road a seamless transition.

Gen-erosity Key Features

  • Full Size Queen Bed
  • 2 Bunk Beds
  • Portable Fridge, Oven
  • Internal Laundry
  • Furrion Weatherproof Stereo/Audio System
  • Furrion 19” TV with DVD player 
  • Equipped to access 4G Wifi networks 
  • Interior Storage Cabinets
  • Ensuite Toilet and Show

Gen-erosity Capacities & Capabilities

  • 200ah Lithium Battery
  • 400w Solar Panels
  • BMPRO MiniBoost DC-DC Charger
  • BMPRO High-Amp Battery Charger
  • BMPRO SmartSense Gas Bottle Level Sensor
  • BMPRO SwayControl
  • BMPRO TrailSafe
  • BMPRO Odyssey Caravan Management System
  • BMPRO Tire Pressure Sensors


Take a look at our new range.


  1. XTR-POD
  3. T-POD


Caravans built for the open lands



Want to keep the lights on? Have our team look at your electrical capabilities to make sure you can see in the dark and stay cool when needed.


Make sure you don’t run into major emergencies on the road. We can set up and service your basic plumbing needs.

Servicing & Maintenance

Have an OurGen RV? No worry – our models are covered by purchase warranties. Have your own RV that needs a regular service or maintenance appointment? We can help.

Building & Custom Fit Outs

If you have an existing vehicle that needs an upgrade, speak with our team about designing a custom fit out plan to make your travelling life, better.

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